Sunday, August 10, 2014

May 26th

I'm feeling better, I'm definitely on the tired side though. I went to Curitiba on Wednesday & visited the hospital there. They said that I'm definitely doing better. The mission medical people of Brazil then called me & wanted to know how I was doing. They gave me exercises to do with my companion. She has to like beat me up haha jk she just has to beat my back to like break everything up. Haha I like to joke that she is beating me up though. I was told on Friday that I could go out to work for a little bit at a time if it wasn't raining. Well Heavenly Father is funny, it rained all weekend. So I have been in the house. We're going to slowly start going back to work again this week. The work has really suffered because of this whole thing.. & anyone who had any potential has fallen off the face of the planet because we haven't been able to visit which is frustrating. I'm hoping we can find some new investigators this next week & have some people in church this Sunday. We'll see. 

Oh && it was my birthday... I'm 21 haha I'm legal now;) It feels weird to say I'm 21 since I arrived in the mission field at 19, it makes me feel old.

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