Monday, July 8, 2013

First week of July 2013

Things are going well here. Last Monday Sister Green was emergency transferred out. Another Sister got sick and went home, so the President moved a lot of sisters around. I got Sister Toft and Sister Silfies. I actually went to school with Sister Toft. We were in the same math class, we were neighbors spring semester, and we were in the same singles ward. Cool stuff. Sister Silfies was Sister Green's companion in the MTC so she's cool too. This week has been amazing work wise though. We had to move them in, we had Zone meeting ,  we had Zone conference, and it was 4th of July. I was really worried that we wouldn't get anything done, but we tracted our butts off & got five new investigators & managed 27 lessons! That's the most lessons we've had & we had like no time this week. I am so looking forward to next week when we don't have as many meetings. Things are really starting to pick up, our ward mission leader and ward missionaries are being way helpful. & our ward council is as well. I think the broadcast last week really touched a lot of people. You can tell that this is the time for missionary work, it's amazing to see. Life is just all around good. Yesterday we had a lesson with our investigator Kevin and he said that he has been trying to find something wrong with our religion but can't. I really think he's headed towards baptism which is awesome! I'm hoping to commit him to baptism during our next lesson. We'll see though:)My companion from the MTC Sister Nelson got her visa & is there. She got put into the Curitiba South mission. So we'll see where I'll go when I get my visa. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Transfers..... Still Here!!

Sooo, transfers.. We got the call Saturday &&....

I'm still in Fallon haha:) Sister San Diego was transferred to the Reno South Meadows ward & Sister Green and I stayed here. So now we are just the colored sisters haha. Sister Green is awesome. So fun, and laid back which is nice. Definitely a hard worker though, & has such a strong testimony. I'm definitely enjoying her as my companion. Weird being in a normal companionship. I'm so used to being in a trio, it'll definitely be something to get used to. This past week has been good. Just working, and trying to teach as much as we can. This past week we've taught way more than usual. We set goals for lessons at the beginning of each week & we actually reached them. Well we got more than what we had set our goal for which was way exciting. I'm really looking forward to this transfer, I think that good things are going to happen. I found out that five people from our zone in the MTC got their visas this past week. Sounds like they are starting to come in. I'm having a really hard time with the idea of getting it though. I've really come to love this mission & it feels like it's mine, so I'm nervous to get my visa & have to leave. I wasn't that great with the language in the MTC, & the longer I'm out here the more I lose. Which doesn't help with the whole not wanting my visa thing. I just have to remember that Heavenly Father knows whats best. I've really learned that over the past three months. If I had it my way I would have gone to the Brazil MTC, & would have gone straight to the mission I was assigned to. I would have missed out on the Provo MTC experience, & meeting everyone in this mission though. Right now if I had to choose my way or Heavenly fathers, I would choose his. I wouldn't change anything because it fits me perfectly & is exactly what I needed. I truly do believe that Heavenly Father has a plan, so if I do get my visa I will go with a smile because I know that it will all work out in the end. So we'll see:) 

Random Pics in Falon, NV

Baby Stop Sign
Baby Door

Updates for Falon, NV Last week in May

Sunday was awesome!  There's two stakes in the Falon Zone, so there were two stake conferences this past Sunday.  In the first Stake Conference (the stake my ward I cover is in) the presiding Bishop, Bishop Davies, spoke.  He was awesome.  He spoke how kindness isn't action, it's reaction.  I had never thought of it that way.  Kindness is the way you react to things, it's not just something you do.  It was really a cool talk.  We got special permission to go to the second Stake Conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks, from our Mission President.  He wanted Marilyn to meet him so we took her.  It was my first time being in the same room as an apostle.  Elder Richard G. Scott spoke at the MTC while I was there, but I was in an overflow room.  Elder Oaks walked around and shook everyone's hand.  He walked right up to me and said, "Sister White, Where are you from?"  It was awesome!  He met Marilyn and called her a "newly" since she was recently baptized.  It was funny.  He gave a great talk on the 3rd article of Faith and how it is basically the Plan of Salvation in a short paragraph.  After his talk, he came up to all of the missionaries (there were 18 of us)and said that he wanted to take a picture with us.  So we followed him outside and we got to take a picture with him.  I was right next to him!  Afterwards, he shook my hand and said he would give me a hug, but he would settle for a hand shake.  He was way funny.  Coolest experience ever.

The rest of the week was pretty normal, until Friday.  Thursday night, our training leader sisters came to Falon and stayed with us.  On Friday we went on splits.  The were so awesome and taught me so much.  We did a blessing contact which was my first time seeing.  It's where you go up to someone and chat about their lives, bring up the gospel, and ask if they would like a blessing on their home.  So we were talking to this man named Mr. Rhodes.  We talked about the Book of Mormon and gave him one.  We then asked if he would like a blessing on his home.  He said sure, so Sister Green said the prayer.  You could definitely feel the spirit.  He told us we could come back the following week.  I don't know how interested he really is, but it was a good experience.

This past Sunday was my Birthday.  It turned out good.   I woke up to Sister Green decorating the house and baking my cake.  We got ready and went to Ward Council.  The ward is starting to get involved in the missionary work which is awesome.  After Ward Council, church started.  We waited in the front for our investigator to come.  For a minute it seemed like he wouldn't show, but he did.  He and his son Boogie (3 years old) loved church.  They said they wanted to come again next week which was awesome!  Definitely exciting.  We had a dinner w/ the Leforte's and they sang Happy Birthday to me.  

Marilyn's Baptism