Sunday, August 10, 2014

March 5th

This past week was really good. On Tuesday we were tracting & we tracted into a less active family. The mom and two daughters were baptized, but only the mom was confirmed. The other 3 children aren't baptized, but only one (Diogo) was of age. They also have their cousin Lucas who practically lives there. We worked with them all week. Their family is super messed up. Diogo's sister sells crack, & the dad is none existant. Lucas's family uses crack & neglects the children. It's a super sad family situation. The second time we visited them Lucas said the prayer. It was probably the sweetest prayer I've ever heard. He asked God to forgive all his sins, & asked that Heavenly would help his parents to stop drinking. We left a Book of Mormon with Diogo & when we returned he was so excited to tell us that he had read part of it. On Thursday we were talking with them about their family life, they are both 9 years old. They both talked about how they don't want to be like their family, & how they want better lives. At nine years old they both decided to be baptized, because they know that it will make their lives better. Sunday was an awesome day because they were baptized. I wish you could have been there. They were soo cute & excited, all day they would bring up their baptism & talk about it. After they were baptized they were so happy & talked about how much they loved the church. I can't help but think about their futures. I can see them serving missions, and marrying in the temple. If they can just continue to have the strength they have now they will be solid members of the church. I understand why Christ tells us to be like little children, because they are so valiant and pure. We are going to continue working with their family. This week we are going to work mostly with Diogo's sister Stephanie. She's 14. She was already baptized, but because she wasn't confirmed it wasn't valid.. Hopefully we can baptize her this week, & get Diogo's mother to come back to church so that Lucas and Diogo can have a good support group. Keep them in your prayers. 

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