Sunday, August 10, 2014

June 23rd

Things are going well here. This past week we met a ton of people in the most random ways. This week we were walking down the road, & a man named Miguel stopped us. He had some questions about our doctrine, and expressed that he is trying to stop doing drugs because he has lost everything. We mentioned that we have a message that could really help him. We set up an appointment to return Saturday. We went to his house, well his moms house, planning to teach him a message about the Restoration only to then feel the need to teach him about the Sabbath day. We taught him about the Sabbath day & shared the scripture Matthew 6:33. Yeah I can't quote it in English or even translate it from Portuguese to English in my mind right now, but we pretty much explained that if he would put Heavenly Father first in everything he did he would get his family back, & anything else that he wanted. It was a pretty good lesson, & he agreed to go to church. & he did! He really enjoyed it & already knew people there. We are going to visit him again this Tuesday & teach him about the Plan of Salvation. 

Another day we were standing in line at a Sandwich restaurant for lunch waiting to order. I was talking to my companion in English (yeah not good I know), but we were talking in English & then I started talking to one of the people working there in Portuguese. There was a young man standing in front of us who turned around & in English said "you speak Portuguese well", it definitely took me off guard that he could speak, so all I asked is how he spoke English & nothing about the gospel. Well we were planning on taking our food home, but I was super upset with myself for not mentioning anything about the gospel because as a missionary that she be the first thing we talk about and I usually do. So I made us stay there. I was praying the whole time that I would have an opportunity to talk to him again, promising that I would bring up our purpose as missionaries. Well the Lord answered my prayer, because he walked by where we were sitting to throw away his trash & he said goodbye to us so I jumped on it & asked if I could talk to him. Well I'll be honest I was super grateful/excited that I was given a 2nd opportunity so I practically yelled at him asking him if I could talk to him haha so embarrassing, but anyways I talked to him a little about our purpose as missionaries, got his number & address and we are going to meet with him this week! He seems like he has a ton of potential. We had a ton of opportunities like that this week, which was super awesome. I love being able to be an instrument in the Lord's hand and I truly hope that we can start to see these people progress & that we can see the fruits from our labors. 

This is my "I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun" moment haha :)

This nasty bug was on Sister Alves' pillow the night before she was transferred, haha it was so gross

Marcos & Luis Gustavo are wearing suits & Maria is wearing a skirt! Their first Sunday in Sunday dress attire :)

Yepp I have a photo with the Brazilian soccer team ;)

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