Sunday, August 10, 2014

March 17th

Well as for my week it was definitely a stressful one like I thought it would be. We spent all week working with our investigators to be baptized that we had no time to really find new ones. It didn't help that I was sick on Thursday and couldn't leave the house. Food poisoning is always fun haha, & seems to happen alot here... Well yesterday we baptized six of our investigators. It was awesome, but super hectic. We baptized Marcos & Maria, a husband and wife and Maria's sister Patricia who lives with them. They are so elect. On Wednesday we were teaching Maria the Plan of Salvation and she said that she had been praying to God to show her which religion she should join & we showed up. Her husband during his prayer thanked Heavenly Father for sending us & showing him this church. They agreed to be baptized without hesitation. Patricia was a little hesitant at first, but Maria scolded her and told her not to be like the people in the bible who were hesitant to accept Jesus haha she's awesome. Maria and Marcos have a son Luiz, who will be baptized in April when he is 8 :) I'm super excited for their family. We also baptized three little girls. Kamile, Karen, and Juliana. They were super excited. Their mothers were happy to have them join this church. They said that they would rather have them in church than in the street. We are hoping to work with the mothers as well. There was definitely a lot of running around this week trying to prepare everyone, and have them interviewed. 

Well over all this week went well, besides the fact that I was sick. I'm so grateful to be a part of this marvelous work and to be able to see people change their lives to follow Christ.This week I hit my year mark which is crazy. Time really does fly, I'm so grateful for the time that I have been given so far to serve the Lord and I look forward to the rest of the time I'll have. 

(Left to right) Karen, Juliana, and Kamile

(Left to right) Marcos, Patricia, Maria & Luis in front of his mom. He was bummed he couldn't be baptized as well.

All of our baptisms, as well as Jefferson who baptized them

All the baptisms of the day

The other sisters' investigators. Haha they love my companion & I more I think :) The one on my left said that she feels like she knows me from somewhere, I told her from the premortal existance haha we've been best friends since :) 

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