Sunday, August 10, 2014

June 28th

Things are going well here. We taught Miguel the Plan of Salvation & he said he wants to be baptized, now we just need him to stop smoking crack. We visited him yesterday & taught him & his thirteen year old son the Restoration. During our lesson I asked his 13 year old son, Ramon, what he wants in his life in 5 years. He said that he wanted a Family, a good job, so that he can buy a house for him & for his grandma. It was super sweet & sincere. We promised him that if he read the Book of Mormon and went to church that he would receive all those things. He was super excited to start reading, & agreed to go to church with us this Sunday. I really hope we can help Miguel become a father to Ramon again &  help them improve their lives. We worked hard this week trying to find more investigators. We tracted into a young man named Willey. He was super shy & agreed to go to church after about 5 minutes of talking to him. I thought that maybe he was telling us what we wanted to hear. But we returned yesterday to remind him of what time we would pick him up & he was super excited saying that he wanted to invite his friend asking if he could. We told him of course & set up a time to pick them up. I really hope they go. This week was actually a pretty successful work week. I'm hoping that it will be a successful day tomorrow & that our investigators will be at church. 

A road named Estados Unidos, the United States haha

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