Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 4th

Well this week I was transferred to Santa Candida in Curitiba. My new companion is Sister Luperdiga from PERU haha :) She is 21 & from a part member family. She only has 4 months in the mission so she is still super excited about the work. I really like her, she is outgoing and fun & helps me with the work which takes away a little of the stress. I'm having to learn to back off. This week we worked a ton to find new investigators. We ended up teaching a ton of lessons. We taught a mom and daughter, Rose and Laís. They have been having some difficulties in life & so they were super excited to go to church. & they went, I was definitely excited for them. We didn't really have anyone else show as much interest as them during the week & when Sunday rolled around we only had them to take to church. We walked into Relief Society & sat down. I looked around & to my surprise a lady we taught this past week, Irene, was sitting in there. I was super happy. She had said that we didn't need to pick her up or call her Sunday to go, but usually when people say that it's because they aren't planning on going and they don't want us nagging when Sunday comes around haha, but she actually went! She was super cute about it too, in our gospel principles class they talked about the word of wisdom. Afterwards I asked her if she had any questions and she said "I didn't know the Lord didn't want us to drink coffee, I drink it in the morning but I'm going to quit" She then asked if she could drink milk, haha she is super cute. Overall this week was a successful week. My area is huge though so we use alot of our time walking, hopefully I'll get a nice tan before I go home, we'll see :)

Well I have some super exciting news :)))) Marilyn is going through the temple on August 16th!!!! And Micah got his mission call to Guatemala & will be giving his farewell talk on the 31st!!!!! I am super excited for them & am so happy that I was able to be a part of that.

Our zone shirts

Our ward had their Festa Junina, a pioneer activity :)

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