Sunday, August 10, 2014

May 19th

Well I talked to y'all on Sunday for mothers day & mentioned that I had a cold. Well I think I made it sound like it was better than it was, I think I was in denial haha. Well by the time it hit Tuesday I was SUPER tired, and really wasn't feeling good. Well on Wednesday I finally went to the doctors after three weeks of this "cold" because I was starting to cough up hard green stuff, and had a hard time breathing. Well come to find out I have Pneumonia. Well they prescribed me super expensive medicine, & sent me home. I called the mission president's wife & she freaked out because I waited so long to go to the doctors. She went on and on about how I could die, & how they could send me home for that. She told me I had to stay in bed the whole week & do nothing. She has me call her every day to tell her how I'm doing & if I'm taking my medicine on time. Haha she's more up in my case than anyone I know. Well I'm getting better, but I'm still on the really tired side. She told me if I don't get completely better by Wednesday, I'll have to go back to Curitiba and stay in a hospital close to her. Well I'm just praying to be completely better by Wednesday haha, because I don't want to go back to Curitiba. So definitely keep me in your prayers, I'm already getting way better so I think it'll all be okay by Wednesday but extra prayers always help :) So unfortunately the work has officially come to a halt on this side, but I am super excited to hear that the ward had a baptism!!!! Parabens!!!! That is so cool, I hope he is being fellowshipped super well & that the work continues to progress!

Sister Medrado's going home party

I killed her!!

The day I picked up my new companion. We were comps for the day so we all wore the same color :)

Calvy my best Brazilian friend :)

Sister Alves

They started selling Reeses in one of the stores here, so we decided to make Reeses milkshakes :)

My companion Sister Renae

Marcos baptized his son Luis!

Members in our ward, & an ice cream place called Chiquinho

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