Sunday, May 12, 2013

Falon, NV

So Nevada.... crazy stuff.... I'm in the middle of nowhere Falon Nevada where we can't drink the water because it has arsenic in it..  This past week has just been a roller coaster. Everything is just so new and I am learning so much. I'm happy and enjoying myself though. The members are awesome, and our district is way cool. We are teaching an 85 year old woman named Marilyn who gets baptized this saturday. I'm so excited to be a part of it. She is seriously the sweetest old lady ever, and she is just so excited about this gospel. She says she's been searching for this her whole life. She is always reading her scriptures, and she has just made it to Doctrine and Covenants and is so amazed with Joseph Smith and the modern revelation. When we meet with her she is so excited to ask questions, and talk about what she has read. I seriously love her. She's Norwegian so when I told her we are too she got so excited. I'll have to have Grandma send me some stuff about it. Marilyn is so amazing though, it's refreshing to see someone so excited about the gospel. Everytime we bring up her baptism she gets all giddy, she just amazes me. She is 85 years old and has MS, she can't get around without her walker but she isn't even worried about having to walk into the font she understands that the Lord will bless her. I could probably go on for days about her seriously, haha but I won't. I'm so happy to be able to teach real people it's so awesome, and something that I find so much joy in.