Sunday, August 10, 2014

June 16th

Well this past week was good. I'm starting to get alot better, I think after tons of prayers, so we got to work a lot more. Well it's World Cup time:) COPO DO MUNDO!!!! We had to stay inside for the Brazil game on Wednesday, but only during the times of the game. The whole world shut down during the game. No one was out, the only thing that was heard was GOOAAALLLLL, when Brazil scored, then cheering and their horns haha. After Brazil won the roads were a mess. Everyone was in the roads celebrating. Fireworks, loud music, dancing. It was crazy haha. Tomorrows game we aren't allowed to leave during or after the game. So that should be interesting. This week we were knocking doors & we ran into these two men, Juber & Joao. Juber wasn't too interested, but Joao was super awesome. He kept talking about how much he has been needing a message, & how he is super interested in learning more. We explained our work to him, how we leave family & everything to come & help others. He was super impressed & expressed that he didn't think that people like that existed anymore. We couldn't teach him because there wasn't a woman there, but we got his number & will be meeting with him this week. I am super excited about it. We also taught our investigator Josuel, who was at church last week. He is the cousin of our Patriarch and our Stake President so that is so awesome. We taught him the first lesson saturday at the Patriarchs house & it went so well. The spirit was there & the Patriarch helped a ton, I love when members participate in lessons. We are hoping to invite Josuel to baptism soon. We had a conference with the President this past Saturday. Before it though we had a sisters conference with his wife, she asked me to show the sisters how to do their makeup haha it was fun. We got cute little goody bags & she talked about womens health & making sure to be pretty :) She plans on doing another one with all the sisters in the mission before I leave so I can show everyone else how to do their makeup haha she's cute. The conference with the president was way good. He talked alot about the eternities & how important even just one baptism is. How it affects the generations. It was super good. Yesterday I received transfers... &&& I'm staying haha :) So is my companion Sister Renae. Well actually everyone in the zone is staying except Sister Alves.  We are receiving Sister Silva, who is super cool. So I think this transfer will be a good one!

Our zone & our district with the president & his wife

World Cup

Elevator pic haha

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