Sunday, August 10, 2014

March 10th

This past Sunday we had 18 of our investigators at church, it was so awesome. We are hoping this next week we can invite most of them to be baptized. So this next week will definitely be a hectic one, but it'll be good. This past week we thought a lot about Diogo's sister Stephanie. We finally got to talk to her alone & mentioned that we had been thinking of her all week & felt that Heavenly Father wanted us to meet with her. We brought up that we thought that maybe she had asked Heavenly Father for something in particular & that's why we couldn't stop thinking about her. She just started crying. She didn't want to really talk about what she had prayed for though. She has had somewhat of a rough life as well & she's at the point in her life where the decisions she makes now will affect her for the rest of her life. We shared Matthew 7:13-14 & talked about how when you aren't a member it seems like you can do anything you want, the path is wide. It seems like there are no consequences to your actions. Life is more "fun" & "free". We explained to her though that as you go on with life the gate begins to close, you start to see consequences to your actions. You have sicknesses in your life due to substance abuse, it seems like you are all alone, & when you are sleeping around & you get pregnant you can't choose who the father will be, if he'll be a good husband or not. If he'll support you or leave you. Life isn't as "fun" & "free" anymore. We then explained that when you are a member the path is narrow. It seems like you have no freedoms. That you can't have "fun". We explained though that as you go throughout your life your "restrictions" become blessings. Because you don't drink or use other substances you won't have sicknesses from it. You don't have to worry about having a child at a young age, & you can choose your husband who will love & support you the rest of your life. My companion & I explained how before we went to church we thought the world was ours. We were having "fun". We admitted that no, it's not always easy living gospel standards but it is so worth it because now we have a future to look forward to. Stephanie cried throughout our lesson. It was definitely a good lesson with her and you could feel the Spirit so strongly. She agreed to go to church on Sunday & she did! It was awesome to have her there. We are going to continue working with her, & hopefully she will decide to stick with this. She needs some extra prayers so keep her in your thoughts this week. 

The other sisters & us in our bears shirts :)

My comp and I, & the rest of the sisters

A picture I drew for Ruan. 

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