Sunday, August 10, 2014

April 1st

We taught some really awesome people this week that we think have a lot of potential. On Thursday we were walking down this road when I saw two roosters fighting. I stopped my companion & out of no where this teenage boy walks up & just grabs one of the roosters to stop the fight haha, we started talking to him & his sister walks up. The boys name is Magson & the sister is Maiara. They were super friendly & outgoing. They end up inviting us into their home. We teach their whole family & end up having dinner with them. They were all soo awesome. Maiara & her brother Lucas agreed to go to church. On Sunday we called them an hour before church to make sure they were still going, & they were already up & ready to go. They went to church & loved it. We had lunch with their family on Sunday. They killed one of their chickens for us to eat haha. Their family is so awesome I really think they have alot of potential. We also taught a lady named Edna and her two kids. She was super receptive. She has attended her church for 15 years, but doesn't agree with everything in it so she hasn't baptized her kids there. She really enjoyed the first lesson. She agreed to go to church on Sunday, but her mother ended up in the hospital so she couldn't go. Hopefully she'll watch conference with us. We received transfer calls on Sunday. My companion, Sister Dias, is being transferred to Curitiba. I'm receiving Sister Medrado. She is one of the sisters from the other companionship in our area haha. She goes home in 5 weeks so I'll be "killing" her. The past two days have been some tear filled days with my comp, I'm hoping she'll enjoy Curitiba. Other than that nothing too exciting. Things are going well here, & I'm staying Princesa Dos Campos for another transfer!

The family of Maiara! & Maria Vitoria :)

Haha this is what happens when you walk alot!

Maiara! All the sisters in our ward & Julie one of our members :)

My comps birthday, I gave her a USA outfit haha

Pastel night :))

We really like Palateca haha

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