Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan. 13th New Area of Ponta Grossa

Well I was transferred to Ponta Grossa, which is a city 4 hours outside of Curitiba. I'm serving in the Princesa Dos Campos ward, which covers part of the center of the city and parts that are extremely poor and seem like are in the jungle. My companions name is Sister Garnica, she is from Argentina and has been out for 5 months she was trained by Sister Lopes. She really is a great sister and I am excited to be able to work with her. Well Tuesday and Wednesday were interesting to say the least. I went to transfers on Tuesday to find out where I was going and then rode in a van for four hours to Ponta Grossa with Sister Cox sleeping on my shoulder (she's serving in Ponta Grossa too). It was a cool ride. Well I met my companion and she doesn't look like she's from Argentina at all, which is funny because everyone here thinks she's from Mexico or Peru. She doesn't speak Portuguese very well either, she speaks a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese. Well let's just say my companion is super awesome! I have really enjoyed this past week with her. She loves American music and movies so that's something we have in common. She loves to work too and we both have the same view on missionary work. This week has been great. I've really started to pick up the language which is nice. I think it's because my companion really isn't that good with it as well so I've had to kind of step up a little. I understand mostly all of what is going on, I still struggle with the speaking part of it but I think that after this transfer I will be able to speak almost all of what I want to say, maybe if I'm lucky :) I see Sister Cox all the time because my area wraps around her area so we walk through hers to get to the other side of ours, and she's in my district so that's nice. We live with two other Sisters, Sister Bell from Oregon who served in Reno for a transfer and Sister Espinoza from Chile. No Brazilians haha. They have all been out the same amount of time so they are all still learning the language as well, so we are just one big Portuguese learning group it's great. I really like the other sisters they are awesome. Ponta Grossa is cool, definitely way different from Curitiba/Carjuru. It is alllllll hills, like I'm talking HILLS haha. I am going to have some ripped calves by the end of my stay here. It is cleaner than Curitiba, well the city part at least. Unfortunately it has no graffitti... :) Oh & they have sweet thunder and lightning storms here. Ponta Grossa is known for baptisms, apparently this area is super receptive right now. I'm so used to knocking over 100 doors a day and teaching two lessons, here we don't even knock half of that and people let us in. I have part of the city though so my area isn't as receptive as others, but we're working on building it up. None of the people we taught last week came to church yesterday, so that was a little disheartening but this week will be better. I'm definitely looking forward to this transfer, I hope it continues to go well. 

My investigators in my last area, Rosanna and her daughter.

You can't tell in the picture, but this is one of our huge hills in our area.

This path apparently is the fastest way to a part of our area haha, my companion was scared out of her mind. 

This plant stuff grows on the power lines here. 

Jan. 6th

Well as for my week it has been pretty good. This past week the language has started to really click. I've been teaching in every lesson, which I am so happy about. & I have been working on memorizing verbs and conjugations. I am understanding a lot more. Things have been pretty good with my companion too. We've been working and have had some really good lessons. I found out yesterday that I am being transferred on Tuesday though. Can you believe that it's transfers already I still feel like I got here last week? They don't tell you where you're going or who you'll be with here, or even if you're training so it'll be a surprise I guess. I'm sad to leave our investigators though, we had a few that were really starting to progress. It'll be okay though, I'm excited to meet new people in my next area and watch them progress as well. Sister Cox is being transferred as well, I've been joking that this ward doesn't like Americans haha. She's really upset though. She's been with her companion her whole mission & hasn't been transferred on her own yet, I really hope she likes her new area and companion just as much as this one so keep her in your prayers as well.

Sweet Christmas tree eh? That's the way to do it in Brazil haha.
& it seriously poured rain like no one's business one night, so that a picture of us being soaked, & we had an umbrella!

Our Zone

New Year's Eve

Yesterday after I found out I was being transferred, some of our cool members.

Relief Society President and Sister Cox