Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feb. 3rd

Well this week went really well. Because we didn't work last week, we ended our P-day early to start working. This week we got 17 new investigators. We tracted and taught like no one's business. It went really well. My companion and I have worked really hard on being exactly obedient, it has really blessed us. We have met a couple of people that I swear are elect. We'll see though. On Tuesday we were on the outskirts of our area. We were walking down this road and I see this big pink house. It had a nice clean yard, with flowers and a barn. It just didn't look like a typical house in Brazil. I really felt like we should stop there, but my companion saw a lady across the street sitting on here porch so she wanted to stop there. We taught her, but unfortunately she wasn't too interested. Anyways afterwards my companion and I stopped at the big pink house. A lady comes out, and at first she acted like she didn't want to talk to us, she let us in though. We start talking with her and she starts crying saying how she is just so tired of everything and how she has been planning her suicide. She had already written her note to her family and planned how to do it. It was so sad. We ended up teaching her the first lesson and based in on Prophets teaching us how we can follow Christ so we can be happy. She takes care of her 90 year old dad though, and her husband is Catholic so she said she probably wasn't going to make it to church. Well yesterday we were tracting in that area and I remembered her, her name is Vera, I didn't feel like we needed to visit her but it was weird like I felt like I really wanted to idk. So we went to her house & she invited us in. She made her husband come and talk to us, she seemed so different. She starts telling us that she has been soo happy this whole week after we visited her, that she isn't depressed anymore. We teach her husband the first lesson, and the whole time she would comment on how she agreed on everything we taught. After I said the first vision she turned to her husband and started saying how beautiful it was and how she knew it was true and commented on the fact that Joseph Smith had so much faith. It was so awesome, we have a return appointment with them this week. They kept commenting on the fact that they want to follow Jesus Christ so we told them we are going to teach about the plan God has for us, and the way to return to him. I'm super excited, so keep Vera and Antonio in your prayers. We also found a lady named Mirian and her daughter Amanda this week. Our lesson with them was truly led by the spirit because the first lesson focused on returning to live with God and our family, by following prophets. I can't explain it that well, but it was probably the best lesson I have ever taught with my companion. The Spirit was so strong and really testified of the truthfulness of the lesson. We see them this week as well, so that's exciting. So we have a lot of potentials for this upcoming week, we are really hoping to get them all to church. Anyways this week was really good and we got to see the spirit really work through us to help the people we were teaching.

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