Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feb 17th

Well I told you how Rita and Ruan went to church. Well we were supposed to meet with them on Monday, but something came up so we met with them on Tuesday. We were reteaching Rita lesson one, & we asked what Christ did while he was here on Earth and she brought up how he was baptized. It was awesome because we could then talk about baptism with her. Well we did just that & she said that she wanted to be baptized and that she wanted Ruan to be baptized as well. So we set up her baptism for Saturday at three. Well when we left we remembered that we needed to talk to her about the man that stays at her house. We tried visiting her Wednesday and she said that she would call us and we could visit on Thursday, well she never called. We ended up trying to visit on Thursday with no success. It hit Friday, the day of the interview and we were really stressing. We dropped by & she was there so we brought up the guy, and taught the law of chastity again. She said that he only stays there one night a week, in a different bed to work. So we called our district leader to get permission, he made us call the assistants, they called president and president then had them tell us to get the opinion of our bishop, we got the opinion to go ahead and baptize her so we called the assistants and they called President, he gave permission. They called us and told us she could be baptized. This was a two hour process so we were super excited. We called our district leader to have him interview her, but he was being super difficult and was going to have us push back the baptism. Well we finally worked it out with him. We were so excited Saturday morning to baptize Ruan and Rita. We walked to their house like thirty minutes before the interview to remind them to bring towels and what not, only for Ruan to answer the door and say his mom was sick and wanted to be baptized Sunday. He wouldn't let us in to talk to her, & eventually just shut the door on us. We tried calling her only for some one else to answer her phone and say that she wasn't even home she was at the store, it was all super confusing and super sketchy. We waited at her house for a while, but she never showed up. We tried visiting again later on in the day but no one answered. We tried calling, nothing. She seriously just disappeared. We had to cancel the baptism. She never came to church on Sunday, so needless to say she wasn't baptized. I don't know what happened. Friday she was soo excited and so was Ruan, and then Saturday came and she disappeared. It was really sad, I'm still sad about it but she has her agency so if she doesn't want it we can't force it. It just shows how hard Satan works on people especially when they are about to do something good. It's sad that Rita disappeared, but I hope she takes the things she learned when we taught her and always remembers them & how she felt when she learned them. 

Well we got transfer calls yesterday. My companion and Sister Bell are being transferred to Curitiba. Sister Espinoza is going to another ward in our stake to finish training another sister, and I'm staying here.. I get my new companion Sister Dias on Tuesday. She's Brazilian and so are the two other sisters that are transferring to my ward. So I'm going to be living with three Brazilians for the next six weeks. I think it's a sign that Heavenly Father really wants me to learn this language. I'm grateful for this opportunity and hope that I can really become fluent. I'm sad to see Sister Garnica go, because I really loved her and loved working with her but I'm excited to have an opportunity to work with Sister Dias. 

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