Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan. 6th

Well as for my week it has been pretty good. This past week the language has started to really click. I've been teaching in every lesson, which I am so happy about. & I have been working on memorizing verbs and conjugations. I am understanding a lot more. Things have been pretty good with my companion too. We've been working and have had some really good lessons. I found out yesterday that I am being transferred on Tuesday though. Can you believe that it's transfers already I still feel like I got here last week? They don't tell you where you're going or who you'll be with here, or even if you're training so it'll be a surprise I guess. I'm sad to leave our investigators though, we had a few that were really starting to progress. It'll be okay though, I'm excited to meet new people in my next area and watch them progress as well. Sister Cox is being transferred as well, I've been joking that this ward doesn't like Americans haha. She's really upset though. She's been with her companion her whole mission & hasn't been transferred on her own yet, I really hope she likes her new area and companion just as much as this one so keep her in your prayers as well.

Sweet Christmas tree eh? That's the way to do it in Brazil haha.
& it seriously poured rain like no one's business one night, so that a picture of us being soaked, & we had an umbrella!

Our Zone

New Year's Eve

Yesterday after I found out I was being transferred, some of our cool members.

Relief Society President and Sister Cox

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