Monday, January 13, 2014

December 30th

Well this past week was good. We were in the hospital a lot because my companion has this red splotch in her eye that hurts. So we took a couple visits to Curitiba which turned out to be way cool because I got to see the tourist hot spot, Jardim Botanico. It's a famous botanical garden here which was awesome. We had a really good Sunday yesterday. Our investigator Robson showed up, and then half way through we were going to go get our other two investigators for Sacrament. Well we ended up forgetting until right before sacrament. We were rushing out of the church heading to their house. I was so worried that we would go and they wouldn't want to go anymore and that they would miss half the meeting anyway. We are walking down the road & all of a sudden I see Jorge with his wife Znir waving at us! It was so awesome, they came on their own, which they've never done. I was so proud of them & I could tell they were proud of themselves. The ward was so welcoming, and the bishop gave a great talk. They totally loved it. We visited them last night and they said that it was different but really good, and then they gave us a surprise which turned out to be Sorvete (icecream). Haha they are so great. That was probably the most exciting thing, missionary wise, that happened this past week. We are going to try to set a date to be baptized with them sometime this week. I got an email from my last companion Sister Arnold, and she told me that four of our investigators from Sparks are getting baptized in the next couple of weeks!!!! Including Shawn! I am so excited for them right now, that area is on fire. I love seeing people progress! I was so happy to see Jorge and Znir go to church on their own and now to hear that some of the people I had the opportunity to work with are getting baptized. This gospel is amazing and I love seeing how it blesses peoples lives and seeing people accept it. 

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