Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 16th

This week I have worked really hard on trying to show the people that even though I can't speak the language very well that I still love them. It has been a great experience & I have definitely seen a difference. It has definitely been beneficial. Helen, which is actually Ellen haha yeah it's very obvious I can't understand Portuguese, got baptized on Sunday! It was so awesome. She is so rock solid it isn't even funny. I am so excited for her future. We have found tons of people this past week, and have been teaching a lot. We have been working on trying to stop and talk to everyone and knock on every door. It has been such a blessing. We had 6 investigators at church on Sunday so I'm hoping we can set one of them with a baptismal date for next Sunday.

 Well this morning we moved into our new house which was so exciting! No more termites and ants everywhere :) That took up a lot of our morning though which is why I'm emailing right now instead of earlier. So worth it though. 

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