Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 4th, 2013

We are trying really hard to set another date with Rylie. We had a lesson with her last night. The spirit was definitely present. We retaught her the Plan of Salvation & she says she knows it's true. Hopefully she will pick a date, & one that is before I leave but we'll see. Shawn didn't go to church this week so we have to push his date back again. Hopefully he comes this next week. We'll keep working on him though. We saw soo many people this week, which was exciting. We are asking everyone for referrals & always trying to find. It turned out well for us this week. We met some really cool people, & taught the most lessons this area has seen in years. Hopefully the work continues to progress. I'm really starting to love the area & the people we are working with. The strength some of these people have is amazing. We have been working with a 24 year old girl named Kayla since last transfer. She got pregnant at 18 with her daughter Lily & fell away from the church. She has recently started coming back with her daughter & is now trying to get her family to come back. Her & her daughter are such pioneers in their family. To see her come back after the way she was treated is amazing. I truly hope to have her as a friend even after my mission. That's only one example of the many people we meet with. It truly strengthens my faith to see them progress like that. Other than that just normal stuff going on, just trying to work hard & convert. 

I cannot believe it is already November. In about a week it will be a year since I got my call to Brazil. When I got my call I never imagined that I would be in Sparks Nevada a year later. Crazy how things turn out. Heavenly Father really does have a plan for each and every one of us, and I am so grateful for the way my life has played out. I'm even more grateful for my mission and the opportunity that Heavenly Father has given me to serve here in the Nevada Reno Mission.

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