Monday, September 16, 2013

Aug. 12th - Sep 2nd

Aug 12th
I had an interview with President this past Saturday & he said that there are over a 1,000 visa waiters waiting to go to Brazil in the US & that the travel office told us to settle in. So I'm thinking they aren't having the best of luck with visas right now, but we'll see. This week went well. Our investigator Cruz told us after reading 1 Nephi all the way through that he wanted to be baptized! hopefully we can set a date with him. Marilyn got her Patriarchal blessing on Sunday:) She is doing soo well, she is going to do baptisms for the dead soon. We haven't been able to go to Austin yet because the Branch President has been out of town, we are going up in the next few weeks though. I'll let you know how that goes. Besides all that though there isn't anything new really going on.

Aug 19th
Well this week we set Cruz with a baptism date! He's getting baptized on September 14th. Hopefully he goes through with it. He is really progressing like I said & it's great to see. We've been working with a lot of less-active members recently. One of which is a woman named Chris. She has had a lot of struggles through out her life-time, which we've been working on with her. She has recently been coming back to church though which is awesome & wants to quit smoking cigarettes. This past weekend she went to a single adult conference, & had a blast. She said she really felt the spirit & she wants to start dating guys that can take her to the temple some day. I'm really excited for her. Other than that though there really isn't any exciting stories from this past week

Sep 2nd
This past week has definitely been a tough one, our investigator Cruz dropped us. He was only a week away from baptism. He went to church last Sunday & said he loved. When we went to his house on Thursday for his lesson, he said that we are the nicest girls he's ever met & that he appreciates everything we've done for him & that we have truly renewed his faith in Christ. He then said unfortunately this is the end of the road for us. He wouldn't tell us why. It was definitely a sad moment. He was doing so well, & really progressing. It's never a good moment as a missionary when someone drops you. It's just so hard knowing the truth & the importance of it, and seeing other people reject it. I got my transfer call on Saturday. I'm going to Sparks North Highland Ranch ward. My new companions names are Sister Catlett and Sister Anderson. I leave on Tuesday. I'm sad that I'm leaving Fallon, I love my area & everyone in it but it will be good. Other than that there isn't much else going on. I'll tell you all about my area & companions next week.

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