Monday, August 12, 2013

July 15th

My new companions are awesome! We all have the same ideas of what missionaries should be like, and how we want the work to go which is amazing. We taught so many lessons this past week. It was so amazing, we have tried to be exactly obedient and it has really shown us that miracles are possible. Our investigator Julie White came to church with us yesterday! Never thought that would happen, shows that I need to have more faith haha. We made a deal with her that we would go to Mass with her if she went with us. Sooo I went to Mass on Sunday haha. It was definitely an interesting experience, something I can say I've done at least once in my lifetime. It was good though, she agreed to only go to sacrament meeting & ended up staying all three hours. I really think she enjoyed it. Kevin is progressing. We are going to invite him to be baptized this next week, we'll see how that goes. One of our new investigators is a little girl named Kristin. She is 8 years old, so she is taking the lessons and wants to be baptized. Reminds me a lot of Shelby. We teach her on Tuesday, and she's really excited (so am I). Things are all around just going well here in Fallabama. I really love it here, & I am soo excited to see the work really begin to pick up.

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