Friday, April 26, 2013

2nd week in the MTC

28th- We gave our last lesson to our investigator Cristiane (this is a role playing practice session for the missionaries).  It was awesome!  We asked her to get baptized and she said, "Yes"!  Afterwards, we were so full of joy.  If that's how I felt with a fake investigator, I can't believe/imagine how I'll feel with a real investigator.  29th- I woke feeling extremely sick.  My nose was stuffy, coughing, and had a pressure headache.  I went through personal study and breakfast, but it continued to get worse so I went to the Health Clinic  Unfortunately, all they could do was give me a prescription for Sudafed.  It kicked in pretty quick which helped.  30th- I found out that our Coordinating Sister got her Visa, and she turned in all her stuff at the same time as I did.  I've been struggling with the whole visa thing, and that day I was reading my scriptures, and in them it basically says, "thy will, O Lord be done.  Not mine" or something like that and it really hit me.  If I'm meant to get a Visa, I will.  Heavenly Father obviously has a plan, so it really helped me.  I completely lost my voice, so that's too bad.  I sounded like a man. haha. 31st- Easter Sunday we started the morning off with Fast and Testimony meeting.  My companions and I have been in choir so we left early for choir practice.  The MTC had an Easter morning devotional that I was originally supposed to sing in but instead had to lip sync haha like Brittany Spears.  It was an awesome devotional though.  That night we went to another one with Sheri Dew speaking to us.  She is so great and inspirational.  April 1st- We got a new investigator named Fernanda (the same girl as our first, who is actually our teacher now).  Anyways, we knocked on the door and she opened it fake crying saying her mother died.  We went in and sat down and she continued to go off in her portuguese rant, and I was the first one to understand what she was saying.  She was telling us that she believes that her mother would be resurrected as her future daughter. Since I was the first one to understand what she said, I had to translate and tell my companions.  I had to try extremely hard not to laugh.  That lesson was hard for me because we didn't know how to talk to her about it in Portuguese.  It was not a good lesson.   2nd- It was my P-day (day of preparation to do laundry, write letters, etc.).  We got to go to the Provo Temple.  We went as a district which was cool and then we ate lunch there.  Afterwards, we went and did laundry and then chilled until dinner.  The Tuesday Devotional was awesome!!  My companion, Sister Bergloff got assigned as Coordinating Sister. So now our companionship feels more like two than three since she's been with the new girls.  After Devo, we had district Devo review and it was a good experience.  It started out slow, but it picked up and it was a great discussion and the spirit was definitely there.  3rd- We had a normal day until around gym time.  Since Sister Bergloff had to run errands before all the new missionaries got here, we went up to the front desk so she could get all the keys to the other residence hall that the new girls would stay in.  The lady at the front desk didn't seem to know what was going on, so she was finally like, "Let me go talk to my Supervisor".  In less than a minute later, she came back and asked us to follow her.  We walked into her "Supervisor's" office and sitting there was the President of the MTC (President Nally) and his wife.  We sat down and he explained that they couldn't give out keys for security reasons and then we chatted with him for a little while.  He was way cool.
Overall, life is good.  I'm definitely enjoying it here.  Even though it is hard, it's just an amazing experience at the same time.  Which makes it worth it.  I love the Spirit at the MTC, and I am so grateful to be able to go to the temple on my P-days.

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